Mobile Inspections

Your Office is Our Office

Scheduling a mobile inspection of your aerial device ensures a safe operation from top to bottom. By minimizing the time your equipment is grounded, a mobile inspection also protects your bottom line. With other companies that work on their own schedules and at their own fixed location, a truck can be out of service for as long as a week. Mike the Bucket Truck Guy comes to you and schedules strategically around your device’s operational needs to conduct the inspection just 4 to 12 hours. Once the mobile inspection is completed, you can get back to business as usual with the assurance that your personnel and equipment are operating safely.

Schedule a Mobile Inspection and Dielectric Testing of your equipment at a time and location that’s most convenient for you. Mike the Bucket Truck Guy can inspect your:

  • Aerial Devices (bucket trucks, cherry pickers)

  • Digger Derricks

  • Cranes (5-ton capacity or less)



Mike thoroughly inspects each piece of equipment from bucket to bottom to make sure that each system is functioning safely and according to the manufacturer’s standards. A full lubrication service and replacement of the hydraulic return line filter is included in every inspection. During the 4 to 12-hour inspection, Mike’s attention is devoted solely to the safety of the truck he’s examining. He delivers a copy of his detailed notes and a clear, comprehensive report with an actionable checklist to maintain and restore any problem areas. He’s happy to complete small repairs on site, and can connect you with local repair professionals for more involved work.